Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend 3 since coming to Uis

I cheated and went back to Swakopmund this weekend, but it is totally fair because in addition to seeing Jena, the girl who lives there, another volunteer named Kristen and my field director and her husband all came. We had a lot of fun just talking, enjoyed leisurely meals and window shopping, and really enjoyed ourselves. We also got to meet a girl named Carrie who has been volunteering here for the past year and her now fiancé (we got the news at dinner) who is a really nice Namibian guy. I have no really good stories from this weekend, but spent the entire time feeling so happy I was just bubbly and Kristen, Jena and I all would spontaneously just get excited to be with eachother and exchanged a lot of hugs.
I also made a friend on the way home today. I met a girl who I think is 24 and is moving from Swakopmund back to Uis to live with her kids and grandparents. She just chatted away about all the drama in her life and made a list of all the things we can do together in Uis (go see the White Lady cave paintings, ride her grandparent’s donkey cart, see the town together) and I am very excited to know someone. The ride back was uneventful except as we stopped in Henties Bay, all sorts of people came out to stare at me sitting in the back of the truck with two other people (both black). The conversation had with our driver was translated for me and apparently went something like this:
Woman: do you realize there’s a white woman in the back?
Driver: Yes, I know!
Woman: And she’s sitting with two black people?
Driver: Yes!
Woman: Doesn’t she mind?
Driver: No, she’s actually quite nice!
I think this is hilarious. Makes me feel like I’m breaking down all sorts of walls and expectations here, who knew it was so easy ;)

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