Tuesday, February 16, 2010

After school activities

I opened the library to students! Yesterday was the first day and upon entering students had to read the library rules and at check out I had to explain the process. I actually had about 10 students yesterday and 14 today who are all coming in and reading and taking books home, which is quite exciting. I still cringe a bit when they take books out and don’t put them back perfectly, but I’m sure I’ll get over that soon, I’m just used to having it just the way I like it ;)
After closing the library today I walked around the location a bit and watched some of my learners play soccer after they begged me to. I just thought I would share that these kids are really GOOD. Playing on dirt or concrete their whole lives makes them experts at trapping and controlling the ball. It was really impressive to watch, just thought I’d share for all the sports fans out there.
I also stole some of the furniture from my housemate’s old room for my room so things are just feeling more and more comfortable here. And I’m trying a new experiment inspired by “ice” that they sell here, basically like popsicles made in a plastic bag (too delicious) but mine are made with instant coffee and lots of sugar. Hopefully this can be a nice (cold!) reward for surviving the day and give me a jolt of caffeine before opening the library. I’m excited to see how this works out.
Sorry this post isn’t too interesting, it’s been quite a slow day around here, although we did talk about alcohol abuse in science today and that was really interesting since it is such a big social problem here. All of the kids have seen and dealt with drunks a lot, but don’t really understand alcohol’s effects, why people drink, and why its dangerous. Classes like that make me feel really valuable as a teacher, which is always nice ☺

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