Friday, February 19, 2010

Night Terrors

So two nights ago, I woke up with my heart pounding at 2AM. I was positive I had heard a rustling noise coming from behind my head. My mouth dried out and I clutched my phone and flashlight, ready to call the police and run as I listened for the sound. I heard it again. Was it footsteps outside my window? Was someone trying to break in? I strained my ears and lay, almost holding my breath, for what seemed like forever until I heard it again. I realized it was not footsteps outside, but the rustling of a plastic bag on my floor. My relief that someone wasn’t trying to break in disappeared as soon as I realized this meant there was something IN my room making this noise. I’ve been keeping a plastic bag as a trashcan and realized something must be rustling that. I panicked anew. A mouse? A rat? A snake??? It took me a couple more minutes to work up the courage to turn on my flashlight and as I did I saw caught in the beam of light… a cockroach. It was digging around in my trash and as I shined the light it fell into the bag. Disgusting, but manageable. I climbed out from under my mosquito net, took the bag into the kitchen, went back to bed, and promptly fell asleep.
This prompts my top 8 list of least favorite bugs here (in no particular order):
1. Cockroaches
2. Mosquitoes
3. Flying ants
4. Wormy-millipede things
5. Wall spiders (harmless but terrifyingly fast)
6. These red beetles that make an awful buzzing noise as they flit around.
7. Grasshoppers (may seem counterintuitive but having one banging into your walls and ceiling while you’re trying to sleep is so annoying)
8. Uncle longlegs- related to the daddy longlegs, but has a smaller body and thinner legs, almost impossible to see until you touch it or it moves.

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