Sunday, February 7, 2010

Interhouse Athletic Competition

Friday was our interhouse competition which is basically like a field day- all of the students compete in races, long jump, shot put, and high jump and the top three in each category and age group go on to compete against other schools in a could weeks. As predicted, it was a bit chaotic. We split into the red and blue teams (go blue!) early in the morning and they did cheers to pump up and build team spirit. The most bizarre one for me to hear was:
Are we blue? Yes!
Are we blue? Yes!
Are they blue? No!
Are they blue? No!
Shoot the red team! Brrrrrr (making machine gun motions)
Shoot the red team! Brrrrrr

It was not expected, and most of the rest were in other languages so that’s the only one I really picked up…
The races were fun, everyone cheered and I wish I got a video of the pre-primary kids racing, it was adorable. We only got through races and the high jump, but the day was great (aside from being quite hot). Parents came to watch and cheer and sell treats like chips, sausages, and ice (like popcicles- served in a plastic baggie that you bite the corner off of, waaaaay more delicious than I expected). I spent the day playing photographer since I didn’t know enough to help organize and that was a lot of fun. I wish I could send more pictures, but they take forever to upload. All in all, a really fun day for everyone though!

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  1. I was going to say that it was a bit more violent then I remember my childhood being, then reconsidered that I most likely did exactly the same sort of chant...