Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just in case I forgot where I was…

Today after a long, stressful, and exhausting day of teaching I was watching an episode of arrested development to relax before heading back to school for “study”. I heard a noise coming from the back of the house, and at first dismissed it thinking it was probably the kittens who live nearby and occasionally dig through my trash. But as the noises got louder, I figured it might be a student being too shy to knock, so I went back to check it out. As I open the door, I see on my back porch (all within 5 feet of me…) four goats. Two of them had their front legs resting on the edge of the sink and were trying to eat my dirty dishes. I started laughing and shooed them all away. I decided this was a good reminder to do my dishes, so I washed them and the goats disappeared around the side of the house. When everything was clean I went back inside to watch my show, only to discover that they had moved to the front porch and two of them were now standing on the little ledge and staring in the windows. A little more shooing and I could watch the rest of the episode in peace. Too funny.
Not quite as exciting, but I also almost got run over by a donkey cart on the way to buy electricity. Donkey carts go much, much faster than I thought, and I still can’t believe that they don’t fall to pieces as these rickety looking things go tearing down bumpy, rocky roads at a breakneck pace.

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  1. most important part of this story: WHICH arrested development episode?!!?!?