Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Answers to some good questions

To answer your questions: the school environment kind of drives me nuts, especially if I'm already tired or frustrated. But i'm trying to learn to make it work for me, and it is a very good lesson on just letting things go. It's a reminder that about 95% of the stress i feel is stress i put on myself... There aren't too many exciting African games i have learned, besides a few hand clapping games and such. Mostly we play a lot of hangman, which I re-named "letter-letter-word" or "the dissappearing man" since I draw a stick figure and erase part of him for each wrong letter to make it a little less upsetting. I also do some lessons just pointing at things on the globe or answering questions about the U.S. I have tried unsuccessfully to teach them "heads-up-7up" which was definitely my favorite game in grade school, but so far it seems to be too confusing.

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