Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on the old news

I’m still working on the library and it is very gratifying. You can see the difference already and it is actually going to be organized but every time I feel like I finish part of it I think of something else that needs to be done, so this project will keep me busy at least. I’ve also gotten some new helpers. Monday afternoon I was working in there and four little girls came in they did their impression of me (which all of the kids in the school do, I don’t know where they get it- I swear I don’t walk like this) which is putting their hands on their waist and walking around swinging their hips back and forth. They followed me around in what felt like a game of follow the leader, doing their impression for quite a while until they got bored and started to help me clean. They are super enthusiastic if I give them trash to throw out or a rag to dust so I encourage it. Except yesterday I showed up and there were 10 kids waiting outside… and again these are the little ones who don’t speak English so there’s a lot of sign language involved to communicate “no! leave the books in the piles they’re in!”
6th grade sex ed continues to go well. Yesterday I had to answer the question “how does lesbian sex work?” which was definitely a test of my composure as a teacher… Today I actually got them to debate whether men should help with housework and child rearing and they got pretty passionate about it.
I’m starting to settle into a bit of a routine, both in the classroom and at school. I spend breaks lesson planning or working in the library and the afternoons reading, watching something, cooking, grading, or hanging out on the porch with the kids. Still no adult friends although I am getting to know my coworkers better and the age range of the kids has increased to include 4 to 8 year olds.
Also there is a creepy millipede-worm thing that lives in my bathroom. I named him ernest to make him less disgusting, and I think it helped.
No electricity or water right now so I’m going to finish here to conserve battery, please let me know if I’m leaving any unanswered questions!

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  1. If you don't see Ernest, remember to ccheck under the toilet seat.