Thursday, January 21, 2010

Highs and Lows

Today has been another manic day, just to give you an idea, here’s a list of some of the highs and lows:
Low: No water this morning… went to school without a shower or water for coffee or brushing teeth.
High: Spent the first part of the morning with the 6th graders. After a rousing game of hangman (or as I re-named it letter-letter word) we dove right in to our first topic and talked about female reproductive organs and menstruation (lucky me, that’s unit one…). I then actually had students both male and female groan when they had to go to P.E. and ask “will we be with you after?” because they wanted to keep doing their menstruation projects. Success.
ALSO, I AM SO EXCITED- while they were in P.E. I got to go to the library. It looks like it has never been used, books are either in piles on the floor, in boxes or thrown onto shelves but I definitely have a project in cleaning it up and since BIS (basic information sciences), which I’m teaching, has a big library component, you bet those kids will be in there.
Low: other teachers randomly decided halfway through the day to actually follow our schedule so I had 7th grade BIS and Art and had absolutely no lesson plan. Came up with an idea to have each of them “teach” or lead an art class… we’ll see how that goes. Then I had 5th grade BIS which was basically a disaster. I had to break up a fight and had no lesson plan. This is terrible to say but it was almost fortunate that it took them about 20 minutes to make name tags…
High: came home after getting my tax id number and watched a movie.
Low: it was a romantic comedy and reminded me how lonely it is here so I went outside to read.
High: a student came by with a homemade bag addressed to Miss Tina which said “being with you is like being with God” and had a pair of big earrings in it ☺

… Anyway, you get the point. Tomorrow will mark the end of the first week and I am both very much looking forward to and dreading the weekend. I will have lots of time to organize and lesson plan for next week, but my housemate is leaving so I will also be here alone. We’ll see if that means I force myself outside to meet people or if I keep myself busy and watch half of the 200 movies Alex gave me for Christmas. You know I’ll keep you posted!


  1. being with you IS like being with God

  2. thats so cute, i can barely stand it.

  3. I was catching up on several blogs depicting your highs and lows of getting to Uis and your initial experiences teaching. When I got to the part about "being with you is like being with god" and the gift of earrings, I cried. OK, I am admitting this in the spirit of you barring your soul with all of us. The earrings made me think that she somehow understood you already. I hope his makes up for all of the frustrations. Teaching is hard. Hang in there.