Saturday, January 16, 2010

Language Classes

The highlight of our day for the past week has been language classes. Our big group is split into three smaller regional groups two of whom are learning different dialects of Oshiwambo and our group which got to speak africaans. The classes were an hour a day and our teachers, Lenga and Jackie, are so much fun. They are our age and we spend at least half of the class just laughing, although that might also be because the words sound so silly. Africaans itself basically sounds just like English with a weird accent (it’s not- it’s actually quite a bit more complicated, but that’s how it sounds). So here are a few key phrases, just in case you come visit ;)
Hoe gaan dit? (how are you?)
Goed en self? (Good, and you? Pronounced “hoot en self?”)
Waar es die winkel (where is the shop? Pronounced “var es dee venkel?”

Anyway… try saying these out loud and see if you don’t sound silly. We actually learned quite a bit and I’m excited to keep adding to my repetoire once I get to Uis, but we’re going to meet Lenga for lunch so it’s Lekker dag for now!

Ek es life fer you! (love you!)

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