Sunday, January 24, 2010

Around Town

Since I’ve walked around a little bit and people have been asking I figured I would try to tell you a little bit about Uis. I went to the store with my housemate a couple days ago and it turns out the actual town part of Uis is about 5 minutes (West?) on the highway from where I live. There is a pretty nice Supermarket and it is very much a tourist town, there are 3 hotels and a few nicer restaurants. All the houses in this part of town are much nicer and bigger and the streets themselves are laid out in a grid. Where I live the establishments consist of the police station, the electric company, a few small shops, a butcher, some churches and the primary school and high school. The houses are smaller and are mostly 2 or three (small) rooms. There are a lot of houses with tin roofs, but none entirely made of tin like we saw in Windhoek. My part of town is one basically one big loop, and I personally live just across from the school where I teach. The paved road (called the tar road here) continues from the highway past the police station and a couple shops and stops at the high school, which means that it does not go all the way to where I live. I know all this because yesterday a few of my students took me on a little walking tour of the area, more about that coming next ☺

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