Monday, January 11, 2010

Answers to questions so far

I have decided to organize this blog more topically instead of entirely chronologically so it is in smaller more manageable chunks. Just as a heads up.
Namibia itself is very dry. The grasses and ground are very brown but there are green bushes and trees everywhere, just to confuse you. It pretty much looks like any other town except there are no skyscrapers and things tend to be pretty colorful. It has rained almost every day since we’ve been here, sometimes up to three times a day, but apparently that is pretty unusual. It cools things off though, which is nice. People are very friendly, we all like the guy who runs the hostel in Windhoek and made friends with our host families. There are lots of bugs, especially up north, and the mosquitos are vicious. Everyone speaks at least some English, but there is a very heavy accent that we sometimes have difficulty understanding. It’s pretty amusing because the volunteers from last year and our director have adopted accents that they use just when speaking to Namibians because it makes them easier to understand.
The warthogs and baboons hang out by the side of the road so that’s where we saw them. We saw them on the way from the Windhoek airport. Also the nearest people to me are in my region in the towns of Arandis and Swakupmund, so Dad you can mark those on the map ☺
Also I will post my address when I actually move to Uis because I want to make sure how it works.

more to come about the past week sometime soon!

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