Thursday, April 1, 2010

Natural Sciences Test

This is a sample of the test I gave on Wednesday and some of the answers. The number in parentheses at the end is how much each question is worth.
(First there was a matching section, not too interesting)
2. List three ways to purify water and explain two of them. (5)
-- The purify is a fung that are thai the of as whant the maibe runing and you come out from the howes then the sham of the chauts are shoting.
--dissolve, fillister, dican (she will actually get two points for this for “filtering” and “decanting”)
--you are have soil, water. You are having white thing that comes from trees purify a water
--decanting is when you pour a dirty water to the another container so then the dirt can be let behind. Distilling is when you boil dirty water and catch the steam. (don’t you love McLean?)

3. What colors are in white light? (3)
some sample colors: green, red, pink, yeliew, peple, palpl, clear, ret, geren, yelau

4. Give two advantages of solar energy. (2)
--Eive you cook dety watar. That is solar energy.
--solor is gut
--we must by with the Big Money so tha we must not by again (this is correct). We must ues for the light.
--it safe money
--The solar energy is give becaus you can not bahe egaim and agaim becaue she is good (again, correct)
--It is not dy bay gaen and gaen (see a trend?) it is shiny not. It is very expensive.
--if you but some thing in the sun if you but some thing in the put it will be boil.
--static electricity force (a common technique, just copy words from earlier in the test….)

5. What is recycling? Give two reasons to recycle. (4)
--recycling when you recycling something
--is when you do something again and again. It is cheap, to save oil. (I love Queen too…)
--If you put sand (soil, rooks) in the contoner an you put water and you puer it in an other container
--paper shiny
--ba cos we wot energy energy is good to pealpas.
--mater like pland and animals

6. What is a force? List one contact force and one non-contact force. (4)
-- one non contact force
--the force that let you pick up paper with a ruler
--you can be pull you can be push (two points!)
--a force is a pull or a push. Contact force: touch. Non-contact force: gravity and magnent (amazing!)
--it is static electricity. The force that let you to pick up a paper is called a contact. If you hold a ruler and you live it that is call a non-contact.
-- that is what you but in the little boll into the water then the little boll haves been gads into the water and then you maebe but in the bauts into the water then the water is bust in the bauts then one bust our egaim (this refers to an experiment we did, and might actually get her a point)
--a force is some thing that is map by a panis and a non-contact force is ome thing that is not map by a panis (she may be confusing our sex-ed chapter in here… no clue)

7. What is displacement? Why can’t you just use a ruler to measure the object’s size? (3)
-- electricity static
--is when you used the the sunlight
--displacement des tiat
--wen something or some one takes anergy from something is displacement
--is when you measure something like a object because sometimes if you measure it is small big and having circles (2 points!)
--when you put the ruler on top of the had the is displacement
--a ruler take our electricity

8. Explain how lightning works (5)
*here I wish I could show you the pictures. I explained lightning using “happy clouds” that had lots of electrons and “sad clouds” that didn’t have any. This image alone seems to have been understood better than just about anything else this lesson. Sadly, about half of them, when told they could draw a picture, drew a circuit instead. Here are some of the writing that accompanied the pictures:
--then is mean that is displacement
--when the clouds electrons have been taken by the one wich is on the top and other clouds don’t have then the lightning light and it hits the ground and all of them get back (five points!!)
--if the clout or the tree don’t have energy one time that the clouts de repaying that were the lightning hepens (actually will get some points! I explained taking electrons like taking money so “repaying” is a good word to see here)
--before: the calsa that is up is having all of the energy after: and that the lightning is deveing te energy to the callsa
--the ligh can haul hight if the electricity guts thaon the ligh is good four my ligh is alih whaks wits a electiuity went a ligh whats hab works willf the electiuiy
--lighting happens when the cloud on the top take all the static electricity to it self so lighting happens so that all the clouds must have the same amount of electrons (incredible!)

The last question was a chart they had to fill in. 2 learners actually did it correctly, so I think I will have to throw it out and maybe just make this an in-class project…
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’m dealing with every day!! ;)

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