Saturday, April 10, 2010

A good Friday evening.

Yesterday was the last Friday of classes that we have before end of the term exams start (more on the exams to come soon, you can be sure) and it was one of those days that made me glad I have a month long break from teaching grade 7 art…
Fortunately, it was a nice evening. I came home and did some marking on my front porch and listened to music for a bit so that I could feel productive. Then a couple of my learners came over to talk and we picked the wild cucumber that is growing in my yard (not for eating, but apparently works for killing lice) and they laughed as I dissected it to see what was inside this prickly yellow fruit. Then a few of the boys that I am not furious at came over and we all talked and listened to music and watched the sky change colors as the sun went down. I cooked a nice dinner for myself while they entertained me, and it was a lot of fun.
Then I got a surprise visit when a friend from the post office (look who’s got connections!) hand delivered a package from home. I was so excited my hands were shaking as I opened hand-made valentines from my mock trial team. The kids kept laughing at me as I got increasingly more and more excited by the silly things that the team had put in the box, and I was giddy for the rest of the night ☺
After dinner, as the kids dispersed I got picked up by a new friend I met and we went into town for a couple of drinks. I had a lot of fun talking to this guy, heretoforwith to be referred to as Victor, because he works for the tourism board doing conservation work. He is very passionate about the environment, has traveled all over Africa doing work with Oxfam, Peace Corps, the US Embassy and various Ministries of the Namibian Government and he worked in Australia so his English is very good. He is the person who will be called if elephants invade any towns in the region, and he had great stories about being stuck on a boat in Botswana in a river full of hippos.
I came home early to watch Rocky III with Peter and then fell asleep quite happy about the day!

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  1. Yay! I am glad the valentines were so well received!