Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss, It’s time for eating!

So I know I have posted a lot in recent days, but I wanted to give you a little insight into a few sporadic moments from my day today. If you are pressed for time, just check out the last one ☺
Moment 1: Talking about recycling in my natural sciences class. First period of the day, most of my learners are still half asleep. I look at them and ask, “so why should you care? Why do we recycle?” (which is one of the things they need to learn) after a blank moment… I shout “alright, you don’t care right now but I’m gonna make you care!” and actually get a few laughs. This is a joke they would not have gotten a month ago.
Moment 2: Reading in the back of a classroom during my free period. I hear a little “tap tap” and look over to see my favorite small child (a little 2nd grade boy… we barely talk but he is always within a 5 foot radius of me. Never actually interacting… just always close) waving through a window less than a foot from my face while he’s supposed to be in class. I should not have encouraged this behavior, but I couldn’t help but laugh.
Moment 3: Teaching grade 5 the electric slide for the last 15 minutes of art class today. It completely failed… they didn’t learn much and of course it’s grade 5 so it was a discipline nightmare, but their exclamations of , “Miss can dance!” were too funny and they loved the idea of line dancing. I didn’t mention they would fit right in at any wedding back in the states.
Moment 4: Sitting in the library today with some grade 3 learner I kind of know (as much as we can know each other without speaking the same language). He is leaning on the opposite side of the table from me showing me pictures in a book and pretending to read. Has the biggest grin on his face and is missing his front two teeth.
Moment 5: At about 6:30 I was checking my email, trying to perk up a bit since today was very long and I was feeling burnt out and a bit depressed (I used up all my happy at school). I was typing when suddenly the boys come in and tell me, “miss it’s time for eating”. I shut the computer and they put it away and bring out a plate of porridge and a plate of chicken. We prayed and washed our hands in a little bucket of soapy water, then shared a traditional communal meal and talked about the day and the food they eat at home. It was exactly what I needed to cheer up and was just too adorable. I cannot believe how attached I have gotten to these boys…

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