Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feeding program

Today, as the teacher “on duty” I got to supervise the school’s feeding program since the women who usually do it were not here. As far as I can gather, this is a government sponsored feeding program for children who have been identified as needy. There is a HUGE cauldron of porridge cooked up and at break time they all come and get their plates and get served a substantial portion of it. It is served with big metal cups that look like measuring cups (the kind that measure 2 cups at a time and have a little pour spout) and there were three grade 7 boys helping me.
The kids receiving the food show no embarrassment about needing it, which is fantastic. And they reported back to me later that it was delicious, so that’s a good sign too. It seems now the only problem is that students lose their plates or bowls and then go hungry, so buying some cheap plastic plates in bulk might be my breakdown for donations to the school (I’ve been trying to avoid buying things/ giving money so people don’t expect anything). Overall, it was pretty cool to see, since I have definitely read about programs like this before.

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