Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lunch in the location

Hello! To those of you who check this site twice daily looking for an update, sorry it has been a few days. To those of you saying, “Phew… thank goodness she’s not bombarding us with posts constantly”—you’re welcome and sorry for starting up again ;)
Today I had lunch with a friend of mine in the location (yay friends!). She is a mother of a 1st grader at my school who I met at the parents meeting and have seen several times since then, and who has been promising to get together since then. So today she sent her niece to pick me up and walk me to her house for lunch. Lunch was delicious; it was my first time having goat, which is a lot like beef except a bit tougher. That combined with rice and a tomato and pea salad filled me up on delicious home-cooked food.
But the most enjoyable part of the day was just being in the house. Inecia (the woman) is incredibly outgoing and definitely likes to be in charge. She has four jobs… the ones I can remember are as a counselor, a member of the Uis city counsel, and owner of the Sundowner (the only “club” in the location). You can tell that she is someone who knows everyone, and it’s very easy to feel comfortable around her. She also has a very friendly husband who made me feel like I’d been dropping by for lunch for years. There are also four kids in the house: the niece who is probably 15, the first grade boy, and twin three-year-old boys who are “naughty, naughty” but pretty hilarirous. The family plus the constant flow of people dropping by made the house bustling and full and a lot of fun. We had lunch, watched some history channel special, and she showed me pictures. Unfortunately I’m feeling sick today so I had to leave a bit early to go lay down, but I left loaded down with raisins from Henties bay and promises to visit soon.

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