Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today after school we started a week long after school conference about identifying and helping at risk and vulnerable children. Today included a sharing of some statistics I thought you might find interesting about Namibia:

-1/3 of grade 1 learners reach grade 12
-By 2020, there will be 250,000 orphans under the age of 15 in Namibia (consider also that the population is just over 2 million)
-35% of Namibians live on less that $1 per day (USD)
-50% of kids do not have basic material needs met (food, clothing, shelter)
-33% of rape victims (or victims of attempted rape) are under 18. 12% are under ten. (there is a belief that if you have sex with a virgin it cures HIV. Another variation is that sex with a baby will cure it)
-60 to 70% of children have been exposed to alcohol or drug abuse in their towns.
-20% of the population is HIV positive.

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